Grilled Anniversaries!

tofuandveg.jpgfigandfish.jpgThis Fourth of July, we were lucky enough to have our friends Kristen and Michael come for a visit. The fourth isn't just Independence Day to them - it's also their wedding anniversary. Obviously, a party was in order. The day cleared up just in time to fire up the grill around 2, and we shut it down right around 9; just in time to hike up the hill and see the fireworks. I wasn't feeling too creative, so I pulled out a lot of the old favorites from the all-day firesessions out back at Hill Street. (Noone seemed to mind. If I make fire and don't serve that peanut sauce, I get lynched.) As usual, the grilled figs were the hands-down favorite - even our hardened anti-fruit-with-seeds-eater succumbed to their charms. The menu's below - I'll post recipes through the week. (Anything in particular you want to see?)

Kristen and Michael were exceptional prepchefs, and many thanks to Dallas who acted as my impromptu grill-sous all day. Extra bonus: All photos by the amazing Kristen Johansen. (Prep chef, charming guest, AND photographer? Come back anytime, darling.)

P'tit basque & crackers
Tomato salad with ricotta salata & fresh oregano
Spicy cucumber & carrot salad with mint & feta

Grilled zucchini & roasted peppers
Grilled asparagus with young parmigian reggiano
Grilled artichokes with lemon & bay
Proscuitto-wrapped figs stuffed with goat cheese

Grilled tofu with peanut sauce
Chicken thighs with peanut sauce
Basque chicken wings

Shrimp with lemon, garlic, butter & white wine
Salmon with citrus-chipotle glaze & lime-ginger-shallot relish
Black cod wrapped in bacon
Sturgeon with salt, pepper & pistachio oil

Steak with blue-cheese butter on grilled toast

Grilled peaches - plain, with fig balsamic, or with blue cheese butter

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