New Favorite Tool: Rice Cooker With Steaming Tray

One of my biggest regrets during our last move was packing my beloved fuzzy logic rice cooker away into storage, so it was only fitting that upon moving into our new rental my first kitchen purchase was a new family rice cooker. This one came with a small steaming tray - for veggies or steamed bao buns - which could be inserted over the rice during the cooking process.

I picked up a piece of red snapper at the store a few days ago and modified a recipe from "The Asian Kitchen" - for a whole steamed snapper - to accommodate my little fillet. Basically, I set some white rice for a regular cooking cycle and while the rice started cooking I grated a small pile of fresh ginger, then sliced spring onions into 1-2 inch lengths and shredded them long-ways. About 12 minutes before the rice was due to finish I popped the seasoned fillet into the rice cooker's steaming tray and piled the ginger and green onions on top of it. When the rice was finished, I fished (ha ha) the snapper out and pan-fried it with a splash of soy sauce for a few minutes to ensure done-ness and put a little color on it. Fini! Couldn't be easier.

Posted by rebecca on April 16, 2008 | TrackBack

I must say that I am terrible with cooking grains. The rice cooker has to be a staple for anyone who fails the chemistry end of cooking.

Posted by: Mark Holland on September 5, 2008 11:27 AM
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