NYF 2007 - inspire/d
dueling soups

crikey. it's back again: the time of year where NYF menu planning starts anew. and no menu posted from last year! (the travesty, the horror.) apropos that i am staring at a copy of it now, as i seek ideas. the theme was inspire/d - every dish was prompted by something that caught my fancy or encouraged someone else to cook. with each dish of the evening, we shared the attendant origin stories. here's hoping telling them again will germinate the seed for this year's menu!

(what is new years feast? read the origin story here.)

rye witch
gramercy tavern, new york city 2007

dallas and i took a quick jaunt to NYC in december for the food, theatre, and cold. i took him to gramercy tavern, and we fell in love with this exquisite cocktail mixed with rye whiskey, palo cortado sherry, and strega.

green beans, radishes with butter & sea salt, fatted calf fegateli
san francisco farmers market 2007
the green beans were a tasty pickled affair from the happy girl kitchen co. fatted calf is one of my very favorite charcuteries. and the radishes? over the last few years i've converted more than one anti-radish eater into a fan with this simple preparation. this dish is one for beca - i am particularly thinking of the appetizer platter we put together for a party in your kitchen in savannah.

cashew butter, foie gras, and fig jam sandwiches
hawthorne lane, san francisco 2003
i'm not sure how to talk about this, except to say that it's unctuous, unctuous, unctuous. i've never seared foie gras before and wanted to. this was the perfect foil - salty, sweet, rich. and sandwiches are russell's favorite.

crab bisque - chestnut & ginger soup
nyf & thanksgivings past
tom taught me to make crab bisque, and i still follow his methods down to the towel draped around the kitchenaid bowl as i grind shells into butter. i first made the chestnut soup for thanksgiving 2005, and it was the initial impetus for the schneiders to join us for the fig & pig thanksgiving in 2006. well worth the peeling and grinding and straining, methinks.

eggs & toast
eno, new york city 2007
over christmas, russell's sisters related the story of a meal they had at eno - they were particularly taken by a dish with a poached egg served in toast, with melted cheese and a bit of truffle oil. i was taken by their description, and worked on a local re-creation.

cava soaked monkfish on nettles
outstanding in the field, santa cruz 2007
i went to my first outstanding in field in december of 2007 - the foraging dinner in santa cruz at pie ranch. i'd had nettles here and there, but this savory dish with perfectly cooked fish and creamy nettles blew me away - and started an obsession with nettles that has resulted in numerous pizzas & tarts.

roman-style carbonara
cooking with patrick 2006
patrick loves pasta, but not red sauce. patrick loves pancetta. patrick loves peas. after i made a roman-style carbonara for him the first time, my fate was sealed. i've even made this for his mom! we made angel hair for this year's nyf, with plenty of black pepper in the dough - and served it twirled up on cocktail forks in small ramekins.

duck confit on grapefruit-mascarpone risotto
my beloved schneiders 2006
i sort of disappeared into a black hole of work in the fall of 2006. the schneiders showed up on christmas eve with duck confit and homemade vinegar, certain i could use some home-cooked food. i finally cooked it up in january 2007. it worked out so well i decided to try my own hand at confit & recreate it for them in NYF.

arugula, strawberry, black pepper salad
rnm, san francisco 2007
i love everything about rnm, but i particularly love the flavors in their salads.

staff of cowgirl creamery
i am blessed with very good cheese in san francisco. and fantastic folks to help me taste & choose, every time i ask.

salted caramel ice cream
haunting glace-a-tron 6000 since 2006
oh, the threads of inspriation on this one are many & tangled... i bought a new ice cream machine in the throes of a late-night-online-shopping-spree. and then i made salted caramel ice cream for melissa, trying to reproduce one she recommended i try at berthillon in paris. i even posted about it, for derrick - who received one of his own for his birthday, and made the ice cream again!

chocolate/salted caramel tarts
citizen cake, san francisco 2004
these perfect tarts from citizen cake seem to have disappeared - a chocolate crumbly crust, perfectly salted gooey caramel, and rich chocolate ganache. i kept taking people back, hoping they'd be back on the menu - but they eluded me. i decided to try my hand for our dessert course.

inspire/d. every dish tells a story
for derrick, melissa, patrick, dallas, dave, russell & meriko

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Lovely lovely lovely. And very, very inspiring. Cheers!

Posted by: jenblossom on December 28, 2008 7:42 AM
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