September 08, 2005
Zatar, Ramps & Butts

Thanks to Alton Brown, Iron Chef America can be quite an educational tool. Things learned during Chef Todd English's pizza dough battle with Iron Chef Mario Batali:

Zatar is a Middle Eastern aromatic spice mixture containing toasted white sesame seeds, ground sumac, thyme and salt. Chef English tossed liberal amounts of zatar and fresh herbs on a rack of lamb he was pan-frying. Between Alton's description of the herb smell and the stunning shot of the lamb in the pan - I've got to try it!

Ramps - aka the Wild Leeks of Appalachia - are a springtime vegetable and a member of the onion family. They apparently have a strong garlic-like aroma. Never heard of these in my life. Again - got to try this!

Pork butts come from the shoulder of a pig, not the rump. Who knew?

Posted by rebecca on September 08, 2005