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This is a thing. It exists to say hello, and it's existence is prompted by the imminent move of Gastronome, which move has brought my password to my attention.

More introductory stuff after the break, if I understand correctly.

So, my name is Damien, and I live in Australia. To be more precise, I live in an inner suburb of Adelaide, South Australia. It has what is called a "mediterranean climate", and in some ways it's like a less-dramatic version of the Bay Area. It's nearly summer here: stone fruit have just started to appear in the markets, but they're not at their best yet. It's no longer raining every night, so we can start to think about grilling outdoors again, but it's not really what you'd call hot yet. On the other hand, hot is not less than 95F; you may have a different personal standard.

For no very good reason we've not been eating at home much, so there's not a lot of cooking happening, but I have been collecting fotos of various meals. I should figure out how to post them somewhere.

Posted by damien at 08:32 PM