Welcome, gossiping gourmands!

There are really very few ground rules - and they generally boil down to "play nicely with your fellow posters". Here are a few things we've discovered together over the last few years (Gracious! 2 years? Already??):
  • Keep your summary shortish: It's nice to let the 3-4 most recent posts be on-screen at a given time. Use the summary and full entry fields when posting. Give a hook, a snap, a summary, the menu up top, and expand your post in the full entry.

  • Don't flood the place: It's frustrating to write up a great entry, and have it pushed offscreen all at once by 5 posts done in an hour or two by one person. If you have 4-5 posts to make, might we suggest inputting them, and then letting them go live at the rate of 1 or 2 a day? This has the added benefit of keeping the entry page fresh for daily visitors!

  • Do use pics! You're welcome to use regency to post your foodie pics; use the upload file button on the gossip entry screen. The upload function will also handily make pop-up or embedded html for you to include in your post. Pictures are fun.

  • Comment! One of the things i'm happiest about witnessing as this site matures is the sense of community that's fostering in the comments section of posts. Everyone's welcome - we're no Pollyannas ourselves, but ditch the nastiness before you start to type, ok? Wickedly funny witticisms are welcome; ugly attacks are not.