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Hi there.

I'm a computer programmer. I currently have a rewarding job with a large publisher of computer games. I've done a lot of programming on Windows 9X/NT. Here's a bunch of links to Windows and Windows Programming FAQs. I've done a lot of game programming on a bunch of different game consoles, as well.

I was out of work through most of 2002. I took on a number of audio programming projects to keep busy, including writing a software synthesizer called Heartburn which I sold as shareware.

I used to work for a tiny game development studio called Captivation Digital Laboratories. Captivation is now defunct. Here's some pictures from Yabahoo, an old Captivation project.

I used to play a lot of role-playing games, back when I had free time and friends with free time. I'm slowly developing material for Sohl Cluster, a science-fiction game campaign based loosely on the Traveller rule set. I was also involved for a time in a naval wargame called Salmon Alley and have compiled some House Rules for the game.

For Christmas 2000, I gave meriko a pair of adorable plush wee Cthulhus and a story to go with them. You can get your own handmade Cthulhus here. And as much as I enjoyed the animated film Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro), I couldn't help thinking I would have done it a little differently. For Christmas 2002, meriko got a sequel.

I'm making an ongoing effort to keep these pages simple, graphics-light, and Lynx-friendly. Fortunately, I have a pretty good sense of my limitations as an artist, so I'm not tempted to do stupid web page tricks.  The Sohl Cluster pages were exported from Word and include tables, and so are probably the worst offenders in this regard. I use a variety of tools including manual editing to compose my HTML, so don't expect a lot of consistency. Please let me know if your browser has trouble with any of my pages.

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