Sohl Cluster

Welcome to the Sohl Cluster campaign.

This is where the science fiction role-playing material hangs out.

 This is a Player's Introduction to Sohl Cluster.

Here are the Starship Design Rules that I use for Sohl Cluster. The system cost tables aren't yet integrated into the rules, sorry.

Once you've built your ship, you need to keep it as shiny and reliable as the Millennium Falcon. This is a system for selecting interesting Quirks for ships in science-fiction games. This one is recently completed, updated, and re-formatted.

According to Traveller, people are all pretty similar until they start a career. If you think adolescence is more interesting than that, you might be interested in my system for handling Youth in Classic Traveller.

The latest addition is the Expanded Rogue, Private Eye, and Cop Generation System for Classic Traveller. This brings the Rogue career from Supplement 4: Citizens of The Imperium up to the realm of Book 4-7 extended character generation standards. A revised version of this system, broken into three parts, is being worked on for the Freelance Traveller webzine; the Police section is now available. Thanks Jeff!

Author: Russell Bornschlegel, Last revision: 2000/1/3.

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