Some links to Win32 Programming FAQs.

This collection of links is posted regularly to various* newsgroups by Tom Haapanen and is reproduced here without permission. I am not responsible for the freshness of these links.

The Windows [3.x]FAQ and Windows [3.1] Programmer FAQ (which unfortunately have not been updated since 1994) are available from:

The Win32 Programmer FAQ, by Steve Loughran, is located:

The Windows NT FAQ, by John Savill, can be found at: Primary site -- UK North American mirror site -- Canada

There is one Windows NT 3.51 FAQ; you can find it at:

There are three separate Windows 95 FAQs; here are their locations:

There are also three specialized Windows NT FAQs: Windows NT Admin FAQ: Windows NT Fax FAQ: Windows NT Internet FAQ:

Scott Wingo's Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) FAQ is available as:

The device driver development FAQs (by Stephen Lewin-Berlin, Jamie Harnahan and David Castells i Rufas) are available as: Windows 3.x/95: (SL-B) Windows NT: (JH) Windows NT: (DCiR)

Another highly useful programming FAQ (created by David Wihl), Porting from Unix to Windows NT, is available on the web as

There is a yet another Windows programming FAQ (maintained by Tony Lee), in hypertext format:

There is also an extensive list of Internet resources for Windows developers:

The Windows 95/NT NDIS programming FAQ is at:

The Windows 95/NT TDI development FAQ is at:

The Windows 95 IFS FAQ is at:

The WinHelp FAQ is maintained by Arthur Miller:

Finally, it is frequently worthwhile to check Microsoft's knowledge base for the questions as well. You can access this through the Internet at

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