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This page contains links to a number of screen shots from a demo that Captivation did for 3Dfx to show off their new Voodoo 3 3D graphics chipset at Comdex 1998.

Captivation did the design, programming, modeling, and artwork, with some input and guidance from 3Dfx. It runs on any 3Dfx graphics card, which is a good thing since 3Dfx wasn't able to get us a Voodoo 3 card before the show. Everything in the demo is running in real-time; there is no prerendered "movie" action going on.

The screen shots are 512x384 pixels; depending on your installed 3D hardware, the demo can run in anything from 512x384 resolution to 1600x1200. I'm afraid some of the screen shots are a little too dark to be very clear.

The demo was split into four scenes, called "Hub Room", "Desert Temple", "Isis", and "Crystal Caverns." 3Dfx has been using Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god of the dead, as a mascot for a few years now, so it was requested that we use an Egyptian theme, featuring Anubis and Isis.

Hub Room thumbnail image

Scene 1: The Hub Room

This is Anubis's control room. From here, Anubis goes through "Stargates" (a la the movie) to get to the other scenes.

Anubis at the controls. Don't mind the bird flying by at the top of the frame.

Control hub and a shiny sheep. The pipes at the back have animated steam puffing out the top. Reflections on the ram sculpture and polished marble surfaces in the room change in real time as you move.

Hub room. There's an inexplicable image of a hippopotamus on the console in the back of the room.

Ba Birds are Egyptian mythological birds with human heads. The ones here have the face of 3Dfx's president on them. I hope he has a sense of humor.

Anubis runs through some animations while he waits for the user to pick the next scene.

After the user picks a scene, Anubis creates a Stargate and walks through it.

Desert Temple thumbnail image

Scene 2: Desert Temple

This is a nighttime scene, showing off colored lighting and lots of nice texture mapping that you won't be able to see in these screen shots.

Over the top colored lighting and glass statues of Anubis.

Shiny snake head with mirror. Both the mirror and the polished snake head reflect their surroundings in real time.

The crocagator (or perhaps it's an allodile?). The texturing on this fellow is absolutely beautiful. Since Captivation retains rights to use the non-trademarked art and models, we may use this one in a future project. How's the market for alligator wrestling simulations?

The sacrificial fire pit. All the flames, steam, and sparkly bits in the demo are rendered using algorithmic "particle systems" effects, for which I wrote the code. They're an inexpensive and flexible way to get good-looking special effects without making a lot of work for the artists.

A meteor against a starry sky above the temple. These are also rendered with particle systems.

Isis Room thumbnail image

Scene 3: Isis

Like the Hub Room, this is a mixture of high-tech and ancient Egyptian decor. This room shows off animation of a large number of polygons so screen shots also do an injustice here.

Isis's stage. The wings flap gently up and down, the green sparklers drift up into the central column, the petals rotate, the hard disk screams in agony as the virtual memory system swaps.

From the central column, another shaft of green sparklers zaps this obelisk. It looks something like the Big Gun on the Death Star, only not as destructive.

Long shot of the room.

Meanwhile, a statue of Isis in the center of the stage dissolves into sparkles, which reform into Isis herself.

Crystal Cavern thumbnail image

Scene 4: Crystal Caverns

This scene was intended to show off lighting effects. It could have been quite a bit better if we'd had just another week to work on it, but there are still some nice elements.

This rather murky shot shows Anubis standing in a shaft of light, with crystals on the back wall.

Two shots of the infamous super shiny sheep. The sparkly bits change in color and brightness depending on viewing angle and where the shaft of light is pointing. Note the dust motes visible in the light shaft.

More crystals in the walls. Animating sparkles here also.

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Robert Morgan: Project Leader, Lead Programmer

Betty Cunningham: Lead Artist

Chris Comparini: Programmer

Josh Horowitz: Programmer

Russell Bornschlegel: Programmer

Tauyna Shiffer: Artist

Beckett Gladney: Artist

Diane Mello: Artist

Arlin Robins: Artist

This is not official Captivation material. Official Captivation material can be found here.

Author: Russell Bornschlegel, kaleja@estarcion.com. Last revision: 1999/10/12.

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