March 21, 2002

While i have always been a do-it-yourself kinda girl, i should 'fess up to being a tool-user. Tools are cool. This past week, i've been noticing just how much i rely on mine. Examples?

As someone who has routinely sneered at web-based HTML authoring solutions, i have to applaud Ben & Mena -- Movable Type is one of the cooler things i have seen in a long time. I may have to change my tune. I have thoroughly enjoyed using it for the last few months, and the 2.0 upgrade just installed here is a step lovelier. (Yep, they can expect a donation from the borogoves soon!)

Having just regained my HTML editor of choice (it finally went native for OS X), i find myself busily and happily updating my book pages and our filmwank pages.

Microplane graters have to be one of my most-often-used kitchen tools, beyond the basic Henckles and Calphalon.

DragThing is certainly one of the most-relied on tools on my Macintosh, going on years now.

And as much as i may moan and whine about it, at Apple i get to use one of the best damned bug-tracking systems i have ever seen. Radar, for better or for worse, is my friend.

That pushpin in my drawer isn't for hanging things - it's for stubborn reset buttons and CD drives. Steal it to hang something, and i'll become cranky soon enough.

My fancy (though inexpensive) garden nozzle and my red enameled watering can both made me more able and happier to water my wee herb garden.

All that, and i have opposable thumbs, too! And own the Makita in the house. ;)

Posted by meriko at March 21, 2002 10:58 PM
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