January 04, 2004
vacation's end

I'm not much looking forward to the alarm going off so early in the morning.
I am thankful, though, for the coffee pot that will precede it.

I have managed just in the last few days to break my normal early-morning habits - it took a week and a half, which i think is nuts. But just in time to make tomorrow morning a hard one.

What an odd vacation. Elaine is gone. I did about a third of the things i wanted to, but that doesn't seem bad. So many people in our house; another New Year's Feast, come and passed. My Mom has a new diet - is struggling with a new disease, but i believe she has the strength to manage it, and manage it well.

Over the shorter term, a really lovely weekend with my husband. Naomi wrote something about close-planted trees growing together, and that's just how it feels. Just how it feels.

I'm thankful for this vacation - i can't wait for our next long break from work together. I do think i need a good two weeks to really let go.

Posted by shock at January 04, 2004 09:42 PM