January 19, 2004

19 days into 2004: how am i doing?

41. Go dancing. - Dark Sparkle. In hotpants & a corset, no less! 1/10/04
52. Go to a burlesque show. - Cabaret Verdalet - 1/18/04
72. Make notecards out of Russellís EtOH drawings. - First round, complete! I'm sure there will be more when i've used these up, though.
74. Make your own damned bath bombs. - First round, done! 1/18/04

Monthly/Ongoing/In Progress:
25. Play more networked video games with Russell. - SSX3. More and faster
30. Manhattan Friday. Once a month. - January's is scheduled for next week.
34. Up your yoga practice to twice a week. - Haven't gotten there yet, but i have a date tomorrow to check out a studio in Cupertino, for potential lunch-time yoga.
54. Have people over for dinner at least once a month. - Heather & Tim came over for dinner before Dark Sparkle.
65. Cook at least 1 new thing a month. - Danger soup with celery root and snap peas, for Heidi & Aimee & Patrick.
68. Write more often. - Been journal-writing, again.
86. Write thank-you notes. Habitually. - Will ship off all the holiday thank you notes this week!
90. Go to the farmersí market at least once a month. - twice in January.
93. Taste 5 new single-malt scotches. - two new ones tasted thus far - a 19yo Port Ellen, and an 18yo Highland Park.
98. Flirt more. - I was flirted WITH at Dark Sparkle, but didn't know what to do. But that's the first step, right?

Posted by shock at January 19, 2004 10:14 AM

wow! do you really have 100 things on your LifeTime ToDo List? :o)

Posted by: carolann on January 19, 2004 10:25 AM

Heh - it's not a life-time to do list so much as an annual one. And i have 104 items. ;) If you pop out to this entry, there's some explanation of the concept - but the idea is to have 104 things on your list to do in 2004 - and if you get SOME of them done, you're sucessful! You're supposed to include some pipedreams as well as practicable things.

My list:

Another explanation:

Posted by: meriko borogove on January 19, 2004 10:39 AM
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