January 27, 2004

A morning and afternoon with old friends, being quiet and low-key and comfortable. Apricot-ginger scones.

Fetching my best friend and her husband from the airport, and feeling the sweet relief of her presence, and her health. Feeling that relief deepen over the next few days, allowing more space to take joy in her news, unguardedly. Experiencing the exchange of quietly-hoarded worry with bliss, and treasuring the balance-shift.

An evening dancing and drinking and chatting and laughing and other sweet things. In old San Francisco style, at an old San Francisco haunt, overlooking Grace Cathedral.

An excellent yoga class. My classes always seem to reflect back on my life, making me spot thoughts and patterns and habits, as well as finding some blessed release in the mind-body unity i find there. This week we twisted, and twisted, and twisted some more. I wonder where those lessons will pop.

Running into one of the sweetest pieces of prose written about me - the blush just keeps deepening.

Picking up a dear friend's newest book. Devouring it through dinner and a bath. (Apricot-ginger. Circles close for the evening.) It's as good as i remember it being, and beautifully set.

Posted by shock at January 27, 2004 10:12 PM