March 19, 2004
postcard from Norfolk

Good food - oyster stew, corned beef and potatoes, crispy fried chicken livers on spinach salad.

Good drink - guinness, sam adam's chocolate porter, laphroaig. (Can't call the strange icelandic liquer good, but i did drink some of it.)

Amazing company - good to meet Becki; she's good fun. Gideon and Lakota (though i confess to being partial to Gideon the greyhound. He's part dog, part preying mantis, and he loves me.) And James. It's like being home again, just across the country. And not because much of this stuff was part of my home for so long - but because James is here. It's like no time has passed, except for the gathering of more stories.

Gone to two classes. Walked around Williamsburg. Postcards are in the mail, as well. Miss you all - and wish you were here.

Posted by shock at March 19, 2004 09:21 AM