May 02, 2004
full of good

Homemade nachos with avocado, roasted chicken, and cointreau-infused black beans.

Panini with roasted chicken, fig jam, d'affinois cheese.

Large salads, all around.

Happy friends, a gorgeous bride, a charming and fetching groom, and roomfulls of dancing and cheer to help join them. Mazel Tov, Dan & Carmel!

Clothes that fit well, making me feel sexy and fun.

A great walk for a cause that matters to me - and to Mark Leno - and to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence - and all my wonderful friends and family who sponsored me. Here's to Marraige Equality - I'll definitely be walking for them again. Best sight: Tall Sister, in a tiny white wedding dress and 4 inch heels - straggling back with the walkers exiting Speedway Meadow. We arrive at the pavement and she says: "Flat ground, now she can run!" and scooted off, 4 inch heels and all.

A lovely meander home from the park. Running into Patrick. Visiting Mo. Citrus-mint egg noodle salad + beef & shiitakes with jade noodles at The Citrus Club.


Fava bean and asparagus risotto. Artichokes. A nice glass of wine.

I just might be ready to face work tomorrow morning. Just maybe.

Posted by shock at May 02, 2004 10:28 PM