May 21, 2004
104/2004: may status

I figure it's about time to take stock of my uberlist for 2004 and see how I'm doing. Accountability, and all that. Here's my progress commentary. The original list has been updated so that items that are complete are bold & italicized. I'll keep plugging away...

1. Get your dream stove.
It's down the street. I'm desperately trying to schedule its installation. Soon, my precious...
2. Plant a garden in the spring.
Still working on the garden landscaping. But I planted more herbs on the deck?
5. Found your nest egg. (confidential)
6. All windows have curtains.
done: 5/8/04

14. See Laverne at least once a month. Drop the excuses, already.
Doing ok so far.
15. (confidential)
So far, so good. Room for improvement, though.
17. Send Tammy & Toddís postcards, when itís time.
It's time! In progress
18. Take care of Beca.
I can out this one now!
21. Lend support and love to those getting married in 2004. (So many of you! Congratulations!)
Again, so far, so good.
22. Donít overdo it.
I think I have to revisit this at the end of the year.
24. Remember peopleís birthdays. Recognize them.
Better, but not better enough.
31. Befriend Renť.
I think this one is working...

41. Go dancing.

43. Visit Katie in NYC.
Done: March 2004.
44. And James in Virginia.
Done: March 2004.
46. Visit Mom & Dad in Vegas. Eat at Nobu.
Done: April 2004.
49. Take a getaway with Mike & Mere before thereís a wee one.
I think I'm gonna fail on this one.
52. Go to a burlesque show.
Done! 1/18/04

54. Have people over for dinner at least once a month.
On track so far.

64. Post at least 1 recipe a month to gastronome.
On track.
65. Cook at least 1 new thing a month.
On track.
68. Write more often.
On track.
71. Make lunch bags
Made the first prototype. Need to make more, and refine them.
72. Make notecards out of Russellís EtOH drawings.
Done - round 1
74. Make your own damned bath bombs.
Done - round 1

84. Get better at spending money on only that which truly pleases you.
Doing better

86. Write thank-you notes. Habitually.
They're still often a few weeks late, but I AM writing them.
87. Send someone flowers when they most need it.
Several sent. Still watching out for opportunities.
89. Commission 3 pieces of art.
Two done.
90. Go to the farmersí market at least once a month.
I missed out on April. Oops.
92. Get the ska Mini.
It's on order...
93. Taste 5 new single-malt scotches.
Three down.
94. Clean your office. Thoroughly.
Done: 1/30/04

Posted by shock at May 21, 2004 10:58 AM

you know, this list is such a cool idea. definite, reachable goals, instead of vague stuff like "advance my career!" i should make a list like this. only i don't think i could handle the pressure.

you, on the other hand, are most of the way there already. congratulations!

Posted by: meredith on May 21, 2004 11:52 AM

oh yeah, and: befriending Rene is a laudable goal. i'm working on him myself, but i'm not so good at drawing out quiet people.

i also keep meaning to have lunch with Russell again, but i never think of it until it's already past lunchtime.

Posted by: meredith on May 21, 2004 11:54 AM
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