May 22, 2004
Save Modern Times

A public service announcement from my friend & Hill-Street-Neighbor Andy. (AKA Andrew Sean Greer, author of The Confessions of Max Tivoli, the object of much recent acclaim and fame.) You should come. I'll be there.

Good old itíll-be-around-forever Modern Times Bookstore has hit hard times.

Bizarrely, the reason seems to be that the sort of progressive truth-telling that used to only exist on their shelves is now being told by former members of the Bush Administration, and can be bought at a heavy discount at CostCo. So the liberal turnaround, strangely, is hurting. Everyoneís in the business. But I promise you these new friends wonít be around come Decemberóand CostCo will never host a poetry slam. Ever. Modern Times has to survive.

So itís at 2:00 and Dave Eggers (!!!) will be reading and so will I and, hey, thereíll be a dj as well so itís surely worth the price.

Posted by shock at May 22, 2004 10:55 AM