June 06, 2004
opposite of rest

... Ok, so not entirely true. I was pretty restful this morning - sleeping in, and then puttering around with coffee for a few hours. But after that - after that I was wickedly productive! (Warning! Irritating twitterings of homeowner kitchen DIY ahead.)

We braved the crowds at Home Depot for painting and staining supplies, as well as hardware to fix the sad toilet in the mini-washroom off the dining room. (We even deconstructed said toilet and remembered to bring the bolt/gasket/washer/nut assemblies with us. How clever.) We came home to tape.. and tape.... and tape some more. Draped the stove in plastic. Covered the hood in butcher paper. Prepped, prepped, and prepped some more. Tried not to cry as we attempted to match the cans of off-white and white paint to the various rooms in the house - and were victorious with two of the three colors we needed. (We'll be playing the paint-chip game soon for the final one. We doesn't appear to have a can in the garage in that hue.)

We painted the newly-exposed cupboard faces, the shield around the vent for the hood, the trim, the patched-over ceiling spots, and the ring around the light above the sink. First paint applied to the new house by us! Wheee...

We also applied incredibly toxic-smelling sealer/varnish to the beautiful maple built-in Andy crafted for us - not one, but two coats. I can't wait to see how it looks in the morning!

All that's really left is to determine if the cabinet needs a third coat, and match the paint on the bit of wall that had some fixin'. Then - rebuild the kitchen-things, fill the built-in, and with a big sigh, enjoy the new stove and butcher block counter. Oh yeah - and repair that toilet.

Posted by shock at June 06, 2004 11:07 PM

Admit it: painting stuff you commissioned and enjoying thr fruits of your improvement labors is the coolest thing ever.

It's OK. You can be honest.

Posted by: mrs l. on June 7, 2004 8:13 AM

Pretty much. *beam*
It looks GREAT this morning.

Posted by: mrs. b. on June 7, 2004 8:13 AM

Hey did you take before and after shots? We want to see!

Posted by: mrs l. on June 10, 2004 7:26 AM

Not as such. The camera needs some repairs. But i do have the original photos from when we moved in... *wicked grin*

Perhaps you can come help me take some "after" shots.

Posted by: mrs. b. on June 10, 2004 7:32 AM
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