June 18, 2004

Background: Sam introduced himself to me one day, many years ago, while I was wearing an offensive-to-some band t-shirt. (Diatribe bondage girl, for those who might recognize her.) Over the years, as I've clambered around on management ladders (read: have people work for me where I've hired them, and am actually The Boss, instead of the kid who's screwing around playing manager), I've toned down the offensiveness-level of what I'll wear to work. I have no problem challenging the norm, and operating on the edge of people's comfort zones in much of my life, but I do believe it's inherently uncool to put an employee in a position where they're made uncomfortable by their manager. It's a power game I'm not willing to play. (Weird. When did I grow up, huh?)

So Sam walks in, and we're chatting about my t-shirt. (Sam has quite the collection, himself.) And I quip "T-shirts will increase in offensiveness until morale improves!" We giggle.

This morning, momentarily, I reach for the "I fuck like a girl" t-shirt. And then instead, put on the one that simply says "Pigface" across the front. Let's hope morale has improved, and I'm not letting Sam down...

Posted by shock at June 18, 2004 08:55 AM

I can't find a picture of the Bondage Therapy Girl in Google images, tragically - found the Dead Angel and the "Nothing", "Ultracide", and "Diatribe" covers, but not the other. We should scan the CD cover or something before this band's artifacts are lost in the bit-sands of oblivion.

Posted by: russell on June 20, 2004 8:37 AM

Dude. Where did you find the "I fuck like a girl" tee? I'd love to have one of those. (I'd wear it with clippies in my hair and big boots).

Posted by: donab on June 20, 2004 7:30 PM
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