June 20, 2004
adventurous meditation

Nope, not an entry about yoga class, or that style of meditation. I'm musing and daydreaming this afternoon about the adventures in front of me over the next few weeks. Like...

... a trip through Chinatown in search of ingredients, steamer baskets, and soup bowls.
... a trip to Japantown in search of bento boxes. I want to start packing bento lunches for us, at least once a week.
... a first shot at cooking an entirely new kind of cuisine.
... my first bookmaking enterprise.
... a new garden to plant, of my very own.
... plan and throw my best friend's baby shower. (Which has adventurous implications, itself!)
... Host a large work "wine and cheese", as Naomi names them.

I love my adventures. I can't wait to encounter these. What adventures are you cueing?

Posted by shock at June 20, 2004 05:38 PM

I'm providing my best friend a reason to throw a baby shower, hunt through Chinatown for various cool supplies and embark on mastering a new cuisine. Yes, I am a good friend. O:>

I think I would have to say 'motherhood' is probably at the top of my current list of adventures, and is a handy umbrella for a host of subset adventures like 'making it through the last month and a half of pregnancy in one piece,' 'how to set up a baby room in a month when I can barely get my own shoes on my feet anymore', 'the birth' to 'baby wrangling,' then 'what happens when you get the baby home and *you* are the final authority on everything without ever having done this before?'

Yep. I have an adventure of Everest-ian proportions ahead of me this year, but I think I'm ready to take on the challenge one hurdle at a time. I feel lucky to have a great partner and a solid support system in my family and friends. It's exciting.

Posted by: mrs l. on June 20, 2004 11:18 PM

If you don't call it a "wine and cheese" in this country, what do you call it? Enquiring minds must know!

Most of my thrill in adventuring comes from the unplanned. So the only thing really on my list right now is a couple bike tours around San Francisco: one to the wave organ, and one to the old abandoned section of Hwy 1...

Posted by: naomi_traveller on June 20, 2004 11:26 PM

My parents always called it a "party". 8)

Posted by: meriko borogove on June 21, 2004 7:06 AM

I call it "after work relaxation", although I must say that my delicacy of choice of an evening is freshly baked Turkish bread (in my oven), spread with fresh babaganoush, accompanied by a nice cold beer.

Posted by: ben on June 21, 2004 5:16 PM

i'm planning the following adventures:

-get my child settled into kindergarten with minimal damage to her psyche (and mine).

that's really it.

oh hm, i guess getting my new home in order and planning a housewarming would be on there somewhere too.

Posted by: aimee on June 23, 2004 11:03 AM
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