July 03, 2004

Good food all week. Good wine. Nice lunches. Successful demos.

Shopping for lots of cheese at the Ferry Plaza on a Tuesday morning. No crowds. A quiet bowl of chowder and a beer.

A dear friend paid me the nicest compliment... "You look so comfortable in your skin these days."

A new size of jeans.

Stripey stockings, dark eye makeup, Skinny Puppy, and thou.

A posse of Mission-kids, decked out in their finest, displaced to the corner of 4th and Minna. Strutting past me and the 2.5DPG5, checking me and my box out. As the last one passed, a turn of the head, the glance up and down, and the comment "That's one hot machine..."

The weekend beginning, signalling a rest and a break.

Posted by shock at July 03, 2004 11:14 AM