July 11, 2004

What a lovely few days - full of activity, good food, dear friends, and joy.

Jamesfarolito.JpgThe Whole Burrito, El Farolito. It's been years since I've done that, and it will be years before I do it again - but somehow, it was worth it.

Wandering through Chinatown with James. Being included in party gossip at the crockery and cookery store. Diving into the produce stores and the deli.

A leisurely troll through Flax. Some control was excercised. Giving in to the joy of 7 pairs of tiny, stripey socks fetchingly packaged in a box. New pens.

Sundresses, altered. (2 now fit, one still needs work. And the cute Chinese-styled is one that fits: done in time for the baby shower!) My graduation dress, cleaned. (I fit in it again. Wild.)

bluegintonics.jpgGin and tonic, hummus and lamb with pita, and James on my deck. Catching up. (Yes, that gin is slightly blue. Murderous flavor on its own, but quite nice in a g&t with lotsa lime.)

A brief respite from the (incredibly lovely, full of wonder) busy party on the same deck with my bestest girl during her baby shower. Tad joining us for a bit.

Fabulous art for a very special baby book. Our friends are amazing.

No less than FIFTEEN kinds of dim sum served over a 2 hour period. My stove earned her keep. So did my two husbands!

A perfect meal-snack after an exhausting day: a plate with a chunk of fourme d'ambert, sliced pear, and crackers. A glass of wine.

A lazy, lazy Sunday morning. Coffee. Apricot & berry crumbles. Perusing the bookshelves with James. Watering the plants. Plotting a lazy afternoon.

I am quietly, deliriously happy.

Posted by shock at July 11, 2004 12:21 PM

My love, your life reads like a perfect "romance" novel :o)

Posted by: carolann on July 19, 2004 8:57 AM
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