July 25, 2004
dirty girl

Mmmm. After a morning spent baking and making lunch, and inspired by the first blue skies in a week, we ran off to Guerrero Street Gardens and picked up a few more things for the backyard. Things are starting to fill out nicely. I hope we don't kill everything.


Today we planted a giant Bird of Paradise and 3 different cannas along the backside of the planter. Added a few wee fuschias flanking the one I planted a month or so ago. Tossed in some rosemary and a more thymes. A small dahlia in a pot on the deck. And a few handfuls of creeping thymes (Wooly thyme! Elfin thyme! Silver baby thyme! I love the names...) and chocolate-colored clover (Trifolium repens 'atropurpureum') under the two birch trees to spread into ground cover.


fuschiablossom400.jpgI must be doing something right with the fuschia I planted a month ago; it's doubled in size, and is just setting out its second set of blossoms. Low-light loving plants, here we come. There will never be sucessful basil or daffodils in this yard, but I'll have thyme and fuschias galore.

The fuschia up on the deck is also starting its second set of blooms. Pretty, no?

I finally admitted that I didn't kill the cacti that came wth the house - one of them is, in fact, BLOOMING. So we dragged them out from under their banishment spot under the deck to see what getting some more sun can do for them. Maybe they'll find a new home on Raj's deck this summer.

Soon y'all will have to come over for a nice glass of rosť in my garden. It's turning into a lovely place to be. There's even a table, some chairs, and a bench to be had... When are you free?

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