August 20, 2004

Things that have made this week worth the trouble
A perfect picnic, a great play, and some time with a dear friend.
The San Francisco fog.
Beca, Annika & Tad.
Panties that fit. (Don't laugh. It's important.)
Strong coffee.
My boss.
A potential trip to Amsterdam.
My Mini is in San Diego. She creeps ever closer.
Airport Express wireless music station in the kitchen.
The promise of afternoon girlcocktails in the garden at Wild Side West.
Planning Russell's birthday.
Good wine.
An unexpected compliment.
Guinness-ginger spice cake. With apricot glaze.
Key people being back at work.
The bartender having my drink ready at my seat as I sat down. Is there anything that makes a girl feel more loved?
Finishing design and production of some wedding invitations.
The right rug has reappeared and is available again.
Leather covers for my work notebook, at 80% discount.
My dahlias. And fuschias. The whole garden, really.
The new laptop: almost config's and ready to use, after 3 weeks.

Posted by shock at August 20, 2004 08:46 AM