September 09, 2004

Everything feels familiar & different all at once here.
The weather is perfect. It feels just like home. (Not the current heat wave of home, but my normal lovely San Francisco cool but sunny weather.)

The cobblestone streets are amusing and seemingly treacherous. I'm making my peace with them. The buildings are old, old, old. I adore them.

Sat outside and had a beer at 7pm last night, in Dam Square under the incredibly large phallus (the homo-monument). Went to dinner with a large group at Kantjil. Tremendously good Indonesian food. Rice table (rijsttafel) for 12.

The trams are terribly cute. The train is efficient. My hotel is out near the airport (about 10 minutes away), so getting to and fro right now consists of a shuttle to the airport, where I take a train to Centraal Station. It feels a little like staying in Oakland if visiting San Francisco. It's ok most of the time, but leaving to catch the last train-shuttle combo when everyone else is going out for a drink at midnight is kind of a drag. Probably good for sleep though. (Who wants to sleep? I'm in Amsterdam!)

The girls are very attractive. So many boys who look SO young with pronounced cheekbones, and modboy curls.

I want a bicycle to ride while I'm here. I promise not to talk on my celll phone while riding it, though. No desire for a car whatsoever.

I have failed to get reservations at De Kas, but get to try Supperclub (Eating. On beds. How strange!), and we ducked into another cute restaurant (name to come) and made reservations for Sunday.

Today: To the RAI for IBC. Tonight? Who knows!

Posted by shock at September 09, 2004 11:51 PM

.....drop me an sms when you get a chance?

Posted by: Ben on September 10, 2004 12:29 AM
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