September 19, 2004
wood & steel

sinkblog.jpgI came home from Amsterdam to find another home improvement complete - a new double stainless steel sink & butcher block counters replacing the last of the crappy laminate ones. The kitchen is really starting to come together! I just have to match the wall paint so I can finish the wall next to the stove, and find a patch for the small gap where the backsplash didn't quite reach the stove. And I have a stack of butcher block leftover for making into really nice heavy cutting boards. Mmmmm. It's rainy and cold and bright here today. Sounds like a perfect day to enjoy the new kitchen space and make soup, hm?

Posted by shock at September 19, 2004 09:20 AM

Golly that's purty! That Mister Blackwood does some fine work! That counter is beautiful.

(...I was just thinking today that I could do a tile backsplash project in my kitchen...hmmmmmmm...)

Posted by: mrs l on September 19, 2004 10:26 AM
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