September 24, 2004

I'll set the scene - you tell me the story, ok?

7:20am, Friday morning.
2 MINI Coopers (one red with a white top, the other black with a checkered top) are racing down 280, southbound. The early morning sun is rising higher and higher to the left of the windshield. They play tag with a large maroon Hummer.

Your turn....

Posted by shock at September 24, 2004 09:28 AM

the pure metal evil of the hummer is so densely concentrated that when faced with the unbearable cuteness and goodness of the minis, it explodes, setting off a psychic chain reaction that blows up all the hummers in the country. no one is hurt besides those that drive hummers. and also, anyone that wears hummer cologne has their skin melted off. THE END.

Posted by: aimee on September 24, 2004 9:36 AM

aimee wins.

Posted by: rsl on September 24, 2004 3:42 PM

(sfx: triumphant music)
REDMINI: "Form Hands and arms!"
(REDMINI flies up into the air, and all those lines that indicate fast movement in anime come into the background)
BLACKMINI: "Form legs and feet!"
(BLACKMINI also flies up, and the aforementioned background lines are again seen as the car..transforms!)
REDMINI and BLACKMINI transform together and join amidst crackling energy!

(sfx of crickets as Hummer speeds and gets the Hell Out Of There)

REDMINI: "Where's our head, dude?"
BLACKMINI: "Dude, where's our head?"
REDMINI: "This is silly. We need to get a head."
BLACKMINI: "Hahaah you just said-"
REDMINI: "Ssssh! Let's go to something appliance store!"

Scene: Fry's Electronics
Appliance Store

GUY: "Can I help you?"
REDMINI: "Yeah we need something robot-head-sized, please."
GUY: "Er, why don't you have a head?"
BLACKMINI: "Well, Carrie doesn't commute to SJ very often, so we're one cooper short of a-"
REDMINI: "Sssh!"
GUY: "Well, I have a front-loading dryer here that looks like it'd fit."
REDMINI: "Is it an 'Energy Star'? We're trying to promote energy efficiency here.."
GUY: "Oh, yes! And there's even a Japanese Washer/Dryer combo that uses 1/3 less energy than that!"
BLACKMINI: "We'll take it!"

Scene: Andronico's, San Jose

(HUMMEROWNER is pushing a cart of groceries)
(the maroon hummer is reduced to a heap of burning slag)
(Japanese washer/dryer combo douses flame with 4 gallons of water and biodegradable detergent)
HUMMEROWNER: "What in God's name are you doing?"
BLACKMINI: "Revenge is a dish best served globally warm, jerky!"
REDMINI: "*sigh*"
HUMMEROWNER: "Wtf? This is America, buddy! If i want to drive 20 miles to get $2 off on paper towels, then it's my God-given right, okay, I-EEEEEEAAARRRGGGGH!"
(Hummerowner grows 2,000 times larger!)

(continued next time jd wants to tell a story...)

Posted by: tapeworm on September 24, 2004 10:14 PM
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