October 22, 2004
Postcards from Boston

Day One
I think I am the only person in this bar who is not watching the game.

I walk the line. (The red line. I ride the green line.) Also - I climb the steps. All 293 of them.

Lobsters on death row wave their antennae at me.

Oysters & wine - a moment of peace.

Day Two
I think I am the only person in this city who is not watching the game. (And yes, that means Russell's watching, too.)

Lampworked glass biology leaves me breathless and dizzy, and wanting to go back for more. Stunning is an understatement.

I think I am the only one noticing that this brewpub (with a great jukebox and good salads) is run entirely by dykes. Very cute, sweet, helpful dykes.

The Mt. Auburn Cemetary is like the best of fall foliage in a national park, with instant conversation starters around every corner. Rest in Peace, Bucky.

Day Three
I lead a charmed life.
Stumbled into Go To Hell night at the East Coast Grill. (Sean, our bartender, saved me from my own machismo.)

Flummoxed by the sheer quality of the MoS. The LOTR exhibit made me rue missing trilogy tuesday & renewed my crush on Sir Ian McKellen.

Made way for ducklings in the morning rain. Wish you were here!

Posted by shock at October 22, 2004 07:46 AM

mmm, Hell Night. And yeah, Sean looked pretty bad for a while after that one bite of pasta :)

Miss you guys, come home soon.

Posted by: Chris on October 23, 2004 6:57 PM
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