November 14, 2004

Things I've Learned About Sewing In The Past 3 Years, by meriko borogove.

1. Ironing matters. A lot.
2. Pinning matters. A lot.
3. Especially when working with treacherous stretchy old tshirt material.
4. Having big work spaces helps.
5. I'm much happier about the ironing and pinning and such if I think of it as mise en place, instead of that fiddly stuff that's preventing me from getting to the part where I get to DO SOMETHING. So yeah. Mise en place.

I can so clearly see the difference between the tshirts I pieced together a few years ago (pre-kimono, sans ironing and pinning) and the ones I did today. I think I'll leave them that way. The quilt will not only tell the story of Russell's puppy fandom, it will chronicle my sewing lessons.

Posted by shock at November 14, 2004 12:22 PM

It's kinda creepy how much of a difference ironing makes. I used to be really lax about ironing, but I learned my lesson.

Pinning too. I learned that one working with slippy velvet curtains.

Posted by: beca on November 14, 2004 4:02 PM

ooh! That's exactly what I was thinking of doing with my old t-shirts & tanks from running - Wharf to wharf, Firecracker 10k, and Bay to Breakers.

I'm also inspired by my high-school best friend's mom who made some gloriously weighty quilts patched together of faded denim from old jeans.

Posted by: hookah on November 22, 2004 10:08 AM
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