December 20, 2004
laggart (Shuggoth?)

I am so behind on holiday preparations. We managed to get the tree up, and have a lovely festive party. But beyond that? No way are we done shopping. (I have no idea when. None.) No way are we done wrapping what we have. (Early morning/late nights.) No way have I made the treats that go with some of the work-related holiday gifties. (Tomorrow night, for sure. There's a festive celebration there tomorrow anyway.) The bulk of the cards went out yesterday and tonight, but the rest will filter through over the next week or so. (Thank heavens I really consider these new year's cards.)

Though I got home late tonight, Russell had a fabulous offering: A Very Scary Solstice. Brilliant. It's just what I needed. (My favorite? The Little Rare Book Room. You'll be hearing it all season. I promise. )

Posted by shock at December 20, 2004 10:54 PM