January 02, 2005
105 in 2005

Here we go again! This year's uberlist. I'll be pasting it into my paper journal again for regular watching, and check in here every once in a while. If you're interested in your own, consider signing up for the LJ uberlists community! Other links: About Uberlists -- 104 in 2004

Here we go!

1. Plant a Japanese Maple in the front yard.
2. Price & design a DIY-remodel of the upstairs bathroom.
3. Execute said remodel.
4. Reroof the house.
5. Ditch the last of the pink carpet.
6. Buy goblin an area run for the bedroom.
7. Refinance the house, if it makes sense.
8. Plot the kitchen remodel.
9. Plants in the lightshaft Ė with the drainage planning that entails.
10. Tile the yard.
11. Buy a smoker. Use it.
12. Replace the deck. Itís getting treacherous.
13. Refresh the silver photos.
14. Match the daily flatwear. Buy more forks and butter knives.
15. Find the right rollers for the office chairs, or get new chairs. You are so over the towels.
16. Closet reclamation: under-stairs closet.
17. confidential

18. See Laverne at least once a month. Drop the excuses, already.
19. Host Nathanís baby shower.
20. Grandmaís birthday in February.
21. confidential
22. Be kinder to myself.
23. 6 day trips.
24. Sunday dinners with the Leckmans.
25. Set up that regular Dodd date. Keep to it.
26. Bimonthly: cook with Adam.
27. confidential
28. Have a date with yourself. Once a month.
29. Quarterly donations. Not just end-of-year.

30. Morning sun salutations.
31. Up your yoga practice to twice a week.
32. Weigh 150.
33. When done losing weight, buy a custom corset.
34. Get your moles checked.
35. Get on your bike. Ride it. More than once.
36. More hot tubs.
37. Maintain new dental regimen.
38. confidential
39. confidential

40. Take the fleaclan to the Exploratorium.
41. And the Carlson clan to the zoo.
42. MOMA with Carol F. or Heidi.
43. Asian Art Museum.
44. Visit James, or James us. In person-time, thatís the thing.
45. Take Russell to Yosemite.
46. Travel at least once outside the US. (Paris/Barcelona tix purchased!)
47. Travel to 3 new places in the US.
48. Visit Lo in LA.
49. Visit Danielle in Alaska.
50. Visit Little Anne in Minnesota.
51. Visit Katie in NYC.
52. Sneak away to Mendocino.
53. Road trip in Gyre.
54. Travel by train. Overnight, at minimum.
55. Panning Man!
56. Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge.
57. 3 Urban hikes. Donít be afraid to do Ďem on your own.

58. Have people over for dinner at least once a month.
59. Have Larz & Sparky over for dinner.
60. Get that regular date with Robert and Laureen scheduled. Regularly.
61. Have Aimee & Heidi over for dinner.
62. Hernandez dinner. At least 3.
63. Host two crafty gatherings.
64. Teach some friends 42.
65. Have four 42 evenings.
66. Pastry day with Heather & Naomi.
67. Co-host a dinner party with Tom & William at the Wabe.
68. Lo: getaway weekend.
69. Call in those outstanding dinner gifts: Chris.
70. Call in those outstanding dinner gifts: Heidi.

71. Finish piecing the puppy quilt.
72. Quilt the darned thing.
73. Make an ao dai.
74. Post at least 1 recipe a month to gastronome.
75. Post the timpano, already.
76. Cook at least 1 new thing a month.
77. Collaborate on some stationary designs with Tammy.
78. Make your own damned bath bombs.
79. Finish wedding site. With photos.
80. Make holiday gifts.
81. Ship them in time, already.

82. Learn to knit. Again.
83. Complete a scarf.
84. Learn to bookbind.
85. Make two books.
86. Learn more about food photography & processing.
87. Complete Pimsleur French lessons.
88. Make a torchon of foie gras. Feed it to people.
89. Make jam/preserves this summer. Get over your fear of canning.

90. Go to the farmersí market at least once a month.
91. Read 3 books a month. Minimum.
92. 50 book challenge.
93. You have a branch library right across the street. Use it.
94. Send fun things to the dance card folks.
95. Fresh flowers in the office once a month. They make you happy.
96. Go to the French Laundry with Peter & Nancy.
97. Keep Gyre clean.
98. Encounter live music. (Symphony doesnít count.)
99. Have lunch with Beca in the Gapeteria. (Youíve only been talking about it for how many years?)
100. Be on time. All the time.
101. Perfect mochas.
102. Perfect macchiatos.
103. One more pair of boots.
104. Watch your uberlist.
105. Do it again.

Posted by shock at January 02, 2005 01:00 PM

oh, oh, i want to help you with 89. :)

i haven't made preserves since i lived at home and miss the fun and the eating.

Posted by: naomi on January 2, 2005 6:28 PM

You inspired me to work on my own uberlist last night at 1am.. So many things, I hope I can get even a few of them crossed off the list.

I am happy to help you with food photography, stationery, bookbinding and/or letterpress (which fell off your list!) whenever there's a good time to come visit.. Also, sf center for the book (www.sfcb.org) has really good book arts classes, many of which are scheduled for weekends!

Posted by: kia on January 2, 2005 10:46 PM

Hurray! I love your Uberlist. Especially all the items involving me. :)

Any time you need someone to test out your foie gras, you call me right up!

Posted by: Lo on January 4, 2005 6:07 PM

ooh. can i help with 101 and 102? can i?

i love making frothy drinks. i used to make a MEAN mocha. maybe the skill is still there, laying dormant or something.

Posted by: aimee on January 5, 2005 11:16 AM

Now, I know there are close places outside the US, like canada, mexico, and (sorta) guatemala. But might I hint at a fine extra-american destination known for a couple of damn good writers and really good beer?

Posted by: Joe on January 5, 2005 2:21 PM

When are you going to Barcelona? I'll be there the last weekend of June/a couple weeks into July...

Posted by: 'nette on February 10, 2006 3:33 PM
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