October 12, 2005
surfacing & diving

Well, there we go. Up all night last night, crazy work and turns over the last few weeks, and our newest Frankensteins are loosed on the world. I'm pretty proud of them, and the coordination/integration role that I was lucky enough to play. And my team? They rock my world. Harder than I can explain.

Which is good - because soon, they won't be my team in the current sense - and I like to transition with a positive song.

I have a new job; in the midst of all of the craziness, I spent Monday telling my team that I won't be their boss anymore. It's a promotion of sorts (though not a titled sort of promotion), and I get to go back to being an individual contributor after years and years of management. I'll still report to my current boss, but I'll no longer be The QuickTime Girl. (That's a 10 year gig, in case you weren't counting.) The closest I can get to a good title for the new role? Special Agent. (Come, now, Mr. BigWig. You really don't want me to have to send in Agent Borogove, do you....?) I'll be doing strategic planning, competitive analysis, firefighting, and department-wide program management. I'm going to learn a lot of new stuff, and it's going to be exciting... but it's also going to be hard to leave this long-term identity behind.

The good news? I'm leaving it in the hands of that very same team who rocks my world. I'm so proud of all of them - I really am. I know they'll carry the torch with grace, aplomb, and asskicking in appropriate proportions.

Transitions can be rough, and bittersweet, and full of fireworks all at once. Life is crazy. I love it and revel in it even when I cry and rail and laugh.

(And in the end - who can complain, really, about Special Agenthood? ....maybe I'll get some wigs and boots out of the deal?)

Posted by shock at October 12, 2005 05:11 PM

Congratulations on the next big thing, doll. Send an email and let me know how you are doing lately.

Posted by: Danielle on October 12, 2005 5:26 PM

change is HARD dammit!

and i'm proud of you! your agent boots could kick condi's any day of the week.

you're going to rock those folks!

Posted by: mo on October 12, 2005 5:29 PM

congratulations on a great launch today! i'm so excited about your new gig. sounds like it'll be tons of fun and an interesting challenge. whee!!!!

Posted by: erin on October 12, 2005 6:12 PM


Posted by: Carol on October 12, 2005 9:52 PM

Can I get a Special Agent business card? :>

Congrats, love. You rocked out in the old job, you'll rock in with the new. Change is good!

Posted by: beca on October 12, 2005 10:34 PM

That is super-cool good news. Agent Borogove. hmm. Maybe Mr. B can work you into that new game he mentioned.

Posted by: Joe on October 13, 2005 1:25 AM

Sounds wonderful and scary all at the same time, honey. Good luck in your new position. :)

Posted by: Merry on October 13, 2005 6:49 AM

CONGRATS to you!!

Posted by: jenblossom on October 13, 2005 11:47 AM

That ROCKS! It sounds like this new opportunity is going to be so exciting! Leaving your position of TEN YEARS may leave you feeling a little off-balance in general, but I think it's going to be great :)

Posted by: enola on October 13, 2005 1:35 PM

Holy Cow BatGirl! The vibe feels (sounds) good, eh?

Posted by: carolann on October 13, 2005 4:46 PM
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