December 04, 2005
sous city

What I did yesterday:

Whipped cream. By hand.
Folded pastry cream into said whipped cream.
Admired butterhenge.
Marvelled at (and helped monitor) proto-buttercream.
Peeled shallots. (But not as many as last year.)
Sliced cukes and matchstick'd jicama.
Put together a lime vinaigrette.
Stuffed and 'picked 40 quails with Mark.
Assembled mise for dueling souffles with Mark. (Oh man, did Wm's mussel components smell good.)
Diced red onion.
Turned squash into gnocchi-sized diamonds.
Knife + basil = chiffonade.
Cleaned bags and bags of wild mushrooms with Mark.
Made hazelnut gastrique.
Made mustardy spaetzle with Derrick.
So. Many. Dishes.
Gougere dough.

Finished hazelnut buerre blanc. (All hail the mighty thermos.)
Seasoned & mounted soup with Derrick.
Dressed salad with Derrick.
Put together mussel souffle batter.
Whipped a billion egg whites.
Plated & served individual souffles, assemblyline-crazy-style. (Damn, Tom's kitchen runs smooth.)
Fired herb gnocchi with Derrick.
Grilled quail & smoked asparagus outside by flashlight.
Did I mention dishes?
Helped Derrick plate green beans.
Fired mustardey spaetzle.
Helped put together two clafoutis.

Smiled and laughed and ate & fed bites of tastiness and giggled at the paparazzi and celebrated the birthday of a dear friend with joy. Happy Birthday, Tom!

(I'm sure the menu and photos will be up later in the week.)
addendum: LeeAnn's photos are up.

Posted by shock at December 04, 2005 10:03 AM

Wow, my mouth drools and my wrists ache just reading all that!

Posted by: Carrie on December 4, 2005 10:34 AM


Posted by: jenblossom on December 4, 2005 1:41 PM

Well, speaking as a member of the paparazzi, the menu and pictures are up in my blog. The picture of you and Tom is very cute.

Posted by: LeeAnn Heringer on December 4, 2005 4:25 PM
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