February 19, 2006
not crepes

she's going to drive for 16 hours today
and so i get up
before everyone else
when the house is quiet
but for nick drake

i pull the book you gave me off the shelf
and i chop apricots and ginger
and i start the stand mixer going
(and i know you prefer a wooden spoon)
and i put in flour, sugar, soda & powder
and let the butter break up, slowly
and then i pull the bowl off the stand
(and now i have a wooden spoon, love)
and stir in the tasty bits
and the wet bits
and i take off my rings
and i shape my scones
and i flip the convection
(and think of how you want to bake here)
and the rocks of dough go into the oven
to turn into treats
to keep her safe on the road

the inscription in the front of my book reads
"For meriko, who understands... (with love)"
and i smile, quietly, with my coffee
because you - you understand, too

Posted by shock at February 19, 2006 09:10 AM