March 19, 2006

A few things I've mentally jotted down to share over the last day:

I spent most of my day of travel yesterday immersed in a book (instead of my work email) - The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Near the very end, this struck me - and I marked it to show Chris; I think he won't mind sharing with you.

"Bea says that the art of reading is slowly dying, that it's an intimate ritual, that a book is a mirror that offers us only what we already carry inside us, that when we read, we do it with all our heart and mind, and great readers are becoming more scarce by the day."

To all of my readerly friends - let's make a pact to stay great readers forever, ok? (So, what's your recent bookish find? Tell me!)

This morning, as I catch up on my auxiliary reads, I came across something germaine over on Superhero blog. I know you read her too, D - and mentally earmarked this thought for a pot of pretty tea or a cider and a little time outside to sit and chat with you.

"There is a teaching in buddhism that I have always been enamored with and it says, "There is never anything wrong in the moment." I love that teaching so much that I test it out on myself all the time. I stop whatever I'm doing, get really present and ask, "Is there anything wrong here?" And really, there never is. There is just a moment. Me and a moment.

And maybe that's the gravity I am talking about. That inevitable pull back to the moment, back to the core of myself, back to what I know is true. Back to what is. Not my fear, but what is.

Back to the place where there is nothing wrong."

Not-So-Confidential-to-R: I am so ready to go back to Barcelona. Want to play hooky and see what it's like in the spring?

Posted by shock at March 19, 2006 08:11 AM