March 30, 2004

In the wee hours of the morning, roll over onto your back.

Allow the goblincat to climb onto your chest, and lay down, stretched long across your torso. You will be nose to nose with the cat.

Listen to the goblincat purr. Breathing in and out, in and out. Close your eyes, and breathe in cadence, from your belly. One of your breaths to her two. Then to her three.

Find your bliss.

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March 19, 2004
postcard from Norfolk

Good food - oyster stew, corned beef and potatoes, crispy fried chicken livers on spinach salad.

Good drink - guinness, sam adam's chocolate porter, laphroaig. (Can't call the strange icelandic liquer good, but i did drink some of it.)

Amazing company - good to meet Becki; she's good fun. Gideon and Lakota (though i confess to being partial to Gideon the greyhound. He's part dog, part preying mantis, and he loves me.) And James. It's like being home again, just across the country. And not because much of this stuff was part of my home for so long - but because James is here. It's like no time has passed, except for the gathering of more stories.

Gone to two classes. Walked around Williamsburg. Postcards are in the mail, as well. Miss you all - and wish you were here.

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March 15, 2004
vacation inauguration

A lovely weekend ushering in my 2 week vacation.

A morning shopping with a darling girlfriend. A new cocktail dress. Blue jeans, another size down. Good smelling soaps. Salad Nicoise & a Fat Tire. Listening to some French discussions over the bar.

A relaxed afternoon with my lovely husband. Dinner by the window as the sun set over the ocean. Garlic fries. Meeting some new friends, who are Very Important People to some of my dearest friends. Playing tag with the ocean, in the dark, surrounded by bonfires in the balmy night.

An early morning (Leckman-styling, we were) breakfast at Moonlight; shopping for restaurant-grade pantry shelving. A kickass yoga workshop that both worked me over and linked up my knowledge of my skeleton to some of the frequent vinyasas I do. Dinner with friends at The Old Clam House. Walking home with René, and stopping in at Maggie Mudd's for ice cream. A delicious evening after that.

I can't wait to see what the rest of my vacation brings.

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March 12, 2004
litany of good

1. I am wearing the softest silk camisole known to mankind.
2. The rest of what I'm wearing is pretty darned cute, too.
3. Last day of work before two days of vacation!
4. Seeing James soon!
5. Miles and miles of daffodills and wildflowers in bloom and green green hills along 280.
6. PWEI loud, piped through the mini to the car stereo on the drive in.
7. Rocking the 4 person carpool on a Friday.
8. Symphony tonight.
9. Many things scheduled with people we love this weekend.
10. Coffee.
11. A few pretty envelopes, slipped into the mailbox.
12. Tulips on my desk at work.

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March 10, 2004

3 days to 2 weeks.
I just have to make it for 3 more days, and get everything set. I cannot wait for vacation to start...

All the while, I am sending my love up towards Seattle.

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March 07, 2004

I think it's time to get some rugs for the house. We're going to start in the living room. I'm trying to decide between these two right now - I like them both, but they're very different, style-wise. What do you think?

img31m.jpg img37m.jpg

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task mistress

A slew of things for today:
-- Finish reassembling the kitchen from the wedding disarray
-- Laundry!
-- Write thank you notes
-- Show Jean the house? (No dice, she didn't make it up)
-- Research digital cameras. Maybe buy one today.
-- Buy luggage?
-- Buy new jeans?
-- Research NYC swanky hotels (have a suggestion? Do tell!)
-- Make a tartine or two
-- Take a bath.
-- Write in my journal.
-- Pay the bills
-- See Beca.
-- Make soup for lunch food. (Cauliflower fondue won out.)

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Faye, I'm very much going to miss you. It's hard to believe you're gone. I think the one thing I took away from yesterday is how gracious you were. The love you showered on everyone was evident, and I have my share of those stories. But I also learned a lot about you that I didn't know... some things because they never came up, some things because you're modest, but some things, I beleive, just because you are gracious.

Thank you for always making me feel welcome in your family, Faye. Thank you for respecting me and loving me for myself. I'll miss you.

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March 03, 2004

Has anyone seen my camera? It's a Canon S200 digital Elph. It was out at Heather & Tim's wedding reception, making with the snappy. It was nowhere to be found when the guests had gone. I'm hoping someone picked it up accidentally, mistaking it for their own?

Let me know! I miss my camera, and all the wedding and bachelorette pictures!

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