June 26, 2004

Today I put the first plants in the ground at the new house. We planted a few handfuls of organic herbs, and two small fuscia plants. Several thymes, a couple of marjoram, 3 sages, a rosemary, and some teeny tiny thyme that I'm going to encourage to become groundcover under the shadier of the two trees.

I love herb gardens. Soon I'll transfer a few out of the overcrowded pots on the deck, and let those pots run wild with mint. I want Big Mint on the deck.

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June 25, 2004
costume wishes

"It is not in the nature of a dementor to be forgiving."

I think I'd really like some dementor robes.

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June 23, 2004

Two public service messages. Both I support, and have completed. If you agree, now's the time....

From Aimee:
Give a call, even if you don't live in CA:
Governor Schwarzenegger is conducting a phone poll that includes same-sex marriage.

Predictably, right-wingers are flooding the office with calls. Since we are trying to pass a slew of marriage and domestic partner bills here in California, it's a good time to show support on the issue.

Takes less than a minute.

Call (916) 445-2841

On the phone tree, press in order:

Press 5 for "Hot Issues."
Press 1 for Same Sex Marriage.
Press 1 to support gay marriage in California.

From Doņa:
It's time to write letters to your representatives. The Consititutional vote on equal-rights marriages is approaching. HRC has made it easy.
Go read Doņa's letter. I promise it's worthwhile.

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June 20, 2004
adventurous meditation

Nope, not an entry about yoga class, or that style of meditation. I'm musing and daydreaming this afternoon about the adventures in front of me over the next few weeks. Like...

... a trip through Chinatown in search of ingredients, steamer baskets, and soup bowls.
... a trip to Japantown in search of bento boxes. I want to start packing bento lunches for us, at least once a week.
... a first shot at cooking an entirely new kind of cuisine.
... my first bookmaking enterprise.
... a new garden to plant, of my very own.
... plan and throw my best friend's baby shower. (Which has adventurous implications, itself!)
... Host a large work "wine and cheese", as Naomi names them.

I love my adventures. I can't wait to encounter these. What adventures are you cueing?

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June 18, 2004

Background: Sam introduced himself to me one day, many years ago, while I was wearing an offensive-to-some band t-shirt. (Diatribe bondage girl, for those who might recognize her.) Over the years, as I've clambered around on management ladders (read: have people work for me where I've hired them, and am actually The Boss, instead of the kid who's screwing around playing manager), I've toned down the offensiveness-level of what I'll wear to work. I have no problem challenging the norm, and operating on the edge of people's comfort zones in much of my life, but I do believe it's inherently uncool to put an employee in a position where they're made uncomfortable by their manager. It's a power game I'm not willing to play. (Weird. When did I grow up, huh?)

So Sam walks in, and we're chatting about my t-shirt. (Sam has quite the collection, himself.) And I quip "T-shirts will increase in offensiveness until morale improves!" We giggle.

This morning, momentarily, I reach for the "I fuck like a girl" t-shirt. And then instead, put on the one that simply says "Pigface" across the front. Let's hope morale has improved, and I'm not letting Sam down...

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June 17, 2004

Today I'm wearing a tiny black tee with silver lettering that reads "i loathe you." over my chest.

It's just perfect. Thank you, Tristan!

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June 11, 2004

After months of not much work on the house (aside from completing the curtain project!), everything is in motion. It's wonderful! Here's your gratuitous photo progress entry...

The stove was installed a few weeks ago - and this last week, Andy finished our new built-in and some butcher-block counter. They're gorgeous.
I still have a bit of wall that needs painting, and we need to paint the trim on the built-in - the railing at the top, the facade at the bottom, and the wood on the glass doors. (I'm thinking chocolate brown, but I'm not convinced yet. Opinions, anyone?)

Yesterday the landscapers came and started working on the yard - with the excavation work, I can really see what it will look like now. If all goes reasonably close to the plan, the deck and yard furniture will arrive around the time the landscapers are done. And Andy, the sweet handy carpenter dude he is, has offered to loan me his tile saw when I work on tiling the patio.


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June 10, 2004

Tuesday night, we tried on a new yoga class. The instructor, Stephanie, warmed us into our breathing by asking us to be aware of our breath, drop into our bodies, and take a deep breath. Then she asked us to take the most indulgent breath.

I love that. I need to take the most indulgent breath a little more often, I think.

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June 06, 2004
opposite of rest

... Ok, so not entirely true. I was pretty restful this morning - sleeping in, and then puttering around with coffee for a few hours. But after that - after that I was wickedly productive! (Warning! Irritating twitterings of homeowner kitchen DIY ahead.)

We braved the crowds at Home Depot for painting and staining supplies, as well as hardware to fix the sad toilet in the mini-washroom off the dining room. (We even deconstructed said toilet and remembered to bring the bolt/gasket/washer/nut assemblies with us. How clever.) We came home to tape.. and tape.... and tape some more. Draped the stove in plastic. Covered the hood in butcher paper. Prepped, prepped, and prepped some more. Tried not to cry as we attempted to match the cans of off-white and white paint to the various rooms in the house - and were victorious with two of the three colors we needed. (We'll be playing the paint-chip game soon for the final one. We doesn't appear to have a can in the garage in that hue.)

We painted the newly-exposed cupboard faces, the shield around the vent for the hood, the trim, the patched-over ceiling spots, and the ring around the light above the sink. First paint applied to the new house by us! Wheee...

We also applied incredibly toxic-smelling sealer/varnish to the beautiful maple built-in Andy crafted for us - not one, but two coats. I can't wait to see how it looks in the morning!

All that's really left is to determine if the cabinet needs a third coat, and match the paint on the bit of wall that had some fixin'. Then - rebuild the kitchen-things, fill the built-in, and with a big sigh, enjoy the new stove and butcher block counter. Oh yeah - and repair that toilet.

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June 05, 2004
jiggity jig

Home again, home again, and all that.
My parents drove home yesterday morning, and arrived safely. Mom's eye is swelling, but I think she's on the right track to recovery. I arrived home a little later in the afternoon. Lordie, it's good to be home. The cat slept on top of me all night long, as though to make sure I don't get up and leave again.

I came home to a fresh set of Andy Blackwood improvements - a gorgeous floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinet, a new counter covered in butcher block, and new railings on the deck. I love how the house smells after Andy has been here working - like freshly cut wood. Now we just have to get the staining and painting work done so I can fill the pantry with tasty things and lovely glassware. Sounds like Sunday will full of brushes and tape and unguents. I'll hold off repainting the deck until the landscaping finishes up - I can't wait for the deck furniture to arrive so I can spend my morning coffee out with my trees.

Thanks so much to everyone for their support, well-wishes, and encouraging comments. It helped so much to know you are there, and means the world to me.

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June 03, 2004
patisserie & other things

Mom is doing a lot better today. The painkillers aren't agreeing with her stomach, so I think at this point, she's completely off of them. Her head hurts if she doesn't keep the ice packed on, but not nearly as badly as last night. (If she takes the meds, she hurls. Not so good.) But she kept dinner down, and that's definitely a blessing. She's sleeping now, and I'm going to try and curl up with my book and follow suit. Tomorrow we all go home.

I found a good patisserie/charcuterie a 10 minute walk from the hotel. Fantastic coffee and pain au chocolat, a great salad nicoise, tasty salads, a lovely Normandy apple tart. Yes, yes, I did eat all my meals of the day there. La Conversation on Dougherty in West Hollywood, if you're ever that way.

I'm glad my mom is doing better. Yesterday was really scary. To those of my friends who need some love and support today - I love you. A lot. And I'll be home soon.

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June 02, 2004

Well, we're in the hotel, settled in.
Mom's going to be ok, but is in a lot of pain. She's sleeping now.

I'm exhausted - curling up with a glass of wine and a book until I get sleepy, I think. I have the airport working (thank you, anne), and tomorrow I'll see about getting VPN working through it.

Keep thinking good lower-pain thoughts for my mom, ok? If she's not in less pain tomorrow, then something is likely wrong, according to the doc, and we need to take her back. Thank you all SO much for the good wishes - they mean the world.

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mom status report: good news

Russell reporting for meriko:

The biopsy procedure went smoothly. They got the entire tumor out. It appears to be a dermoid cyst - non-cancerous, non-scary - but we will have to wait a couple of weeks for a lab report to verify that.

Frieda is up and about, in a fair amount of pain, but will soon have a new best friend in Tylenol+codeine. As soon as they're able, meriko & Jim will whisk her back to a comfy hotel room for recuperation. Barring complications the plan is for everyone to go home tomorrow.

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Moms are in my thoughts a lot lately. Savonn (one of my yoga teachers) gave birth yesterday. M. and B. will be moms any day now. Beca will be a mom in almost no time at all. And paramount in my thoughts is my own Mom. Everyone think good thoughts for her today, ok? I'm heading down to UCLA this morning - she has a biopsy scheduled (behind her eye) for this afternoon. I'm firmly believing that it will go smoothly, and the results will be all benign, all the time.

I'll let you all know how it goes.

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