July 25, 2004
dirty girl

Mmmm. After a morning spent baking and making lunch, and inspired by the first blue skies in a week, we ran off to Guerrero Street Gardens and picked up a few more things for the backyard. Things are starting to fill out nicely. I hope we don't kill everything.


Today we planted a giant Bird of Paradise and 3 different cannas along the backside of the planter. Added a few wee fuschias flanking the one I planted a month or so ago. Tossed in some rosemary and a more thymes. A small dahlia in a pot on the deck. And a few handfuls of creeping thymes (Wooly thyme! Elfin thyme! Silver baby thyme! I love the names...) and chocolate-colored clover (Trifolium repens 'atropurpureum') under the two birch trees to spread into ground cover.


fuschiablossom400.jpgI must be doing something right with the fuschia I planted a month ago; it's doubled in size, and is just setting out its second set of blossoms. Low-light loving plants, here we come. There will never be sucessful basil or daffodils in this yard, but I'll have thyme and fuschias galore.

The fuschia up on the deck is also starting its second set of blooms. Pretty, no?

I finally admitted that I didn't kill the cacti that came wth the house - one of them is, in fact, BLOOMING. So we dragged them out from under their banishment spot under the deck to see what getting some more sun can do for them. Maybe they'll find a new home on Raj's deck this summer.

Soon y'all will have to come over for a nice glass of rosť in my garden. It's turning into a lovely place to be. There's even a table, some chairs, and a bench to be had... When are you free?

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July 23, 2004
18 hours

Miss Annika Jane Leckman, 18 hours old. And her lovely parents, too. 8)


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A warm warm welcome to Annika Jane Leckman, born to Tad and Rebecca at 11:57pm, July 22 2004!

7lbs, 4oz. 20 inches long.
Mom and Dad both sound GREAT. I can't wait to meet you tonight, Miss Annika!

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Welcome to the world, baby girl Leckman! I'm glad you made it.

Mom & Pop & baby girl are all resting and healthy this morning. I'm so happy I could burst.

Beca & Tad - I'm so proud of you. I love you both.

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July 22, 2004
they're off...

We finished the 24 hour comics, and then ate eggs with morels, olive toast, squash, and salad.

This morning, I dropped James off at the airport, early.

Beca just left for the hospital (all is well, none of y'all panic - all's on track).

I'm home. Probably time to do some sun salutes, and cook my booty off. For that's how we cope, neh?

Boundless love is going out to the Leckmans tonight. Your candle's lit.

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July 21, 2004

Twelve hours have passed. I'm done pencilling all my pages. Gonna start inking after brunch.

Differences in approach: for the first two hours, Russell did a text outline, and then started doing rough layouts. James started drawing and inking page one. I spent almost 2 hours researching and putting together a storyline and getting reference material.

This almost certainly has something to do with relative artistic ability....

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July 20, 2004
it begins now

Well, it began 10 minutes ago.

James, Russell and I are doing 24-hour comics.

Yes, we're nuts.
No, I can't draw.

I'm playing anyway.

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July 14, 2004
Sponsership, redux?

Thanks so much to everyone who sponsered me for the Marriage Equality Run earlier this year, and who has already contributed to the San Francisco AIDS walk!

If you haven't donated yet, and would like to, the AIDS Walk San Francisco is this Sunday. I'm reposting the link to refresh your memory! This disease isn't going away fast enough - and I'll keep walking to support the SF Aids Foundation and other organizations helping AIDS patients and survivors throughout the Bay Area.

sponsor me - SFAW!

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July 11, 2004

What a lovely few days - full of activity, good food, dear friends, and joy.

Jamesfarolito.JpgThe Whole Burrito, El Farolito. It's been years since I've done that, and it will be years before I do it again - but somehow, it was worth it.

Wandering through Chinatown with James. Being included in party gossip at the crockery and cookery store. Diving into the produce stores and the deli.

A leisurely troll through Flax. Some control was excercised. Giving in to the joy of 7 pairs of tiny, stripey socks fetchingly packaged in a box. New pens.

Sundresses, altered. (2 now fit, one still needs work. And the cute Chinese-styled is one that fits: done in time for the baby shower!) My graduation dress, cleaned. (I fit in it again. Wild.)

bluegintonics.jpgGin and tonic, hummus and lamb with pita, and James on my deck. Catching up. (Yes, that gin is slightly blue. Murderous flavor on its own, but quite nice in a g&t with lotsa lime.)

A brief respite from the (incredibly lovely, full of wonder) busy party on the same deck with my bestest girl during her baby shower. Tad joining us for a bit.

Fabulous art for a very special baby book. Our friends are amazing.

No less than FIFTEEN kinds of dim sum served over a 2 hour period. My stove earned her keep. So did my two husbands!

A perfect meal-snack after an exhausting day: a plate with a chunk of fourme d'ambert, sliced pear, and crackers. A glass of wine.

A lazy, lazy Sunday morning. Coffee. Apricot & berry crumbles. Perusing the bookshelves with James. Watering the plants. Plotting a lazy afternoon.

I am quietly, deliriously happy.

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July 08, 2004

James is coming! James is coming! James is coming!


I pick him up tonight. I can't wait.

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July 03, 2004

Good food all week. Good wine. Nice lunches. Successful demos.

Shopping for lots of cheese at the Ferry Plaza on a Tuesday morning. No crowds. A quiet bowl of chowder and a beer.

A dear friend paid me the nicest compliment... "You look so comfortable in your skin these days."

A new size of jeans.

Stripey stockings, dark eye makeup, Skinny Puppy, and thou.

A posse of Mission-kids, decked out in their finest, displaced to the corner of 4th and Minna. Strutting past me and the 2.5DPG5, checking me and my box out. As the last one passed, a turn of the head, the glance up and down, and the comment "That's one hot machine..."

The weekend beginning, signalling a rest and a break.

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