April 29, 2005
why i'm still at work at 3:30am

She Lives.

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April 28, 2005

<*tapeworm*> you kick so much cross-platform ass!!
<*tapeworm*> symmetrical ass, even!

Excellent to know. Without friends, how would you?

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April 20, 2005

Knitting lace really really really appeals to my inner symmetry whore.

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April 19, 2005

A Perfect San Francisco Day, Playing Hooky

1 tuna paillard with caviar from Tsar Nicoulai
1 waffle with smoked sturgeon, caviar & mushroom duxelles (same source)
1 glass of champagne; 1 glass reisling
12 mixed raw oysters
2 baked oysters with meyer lemon and butter
2 oysters casino
1 hog island grilled cheese sandwich
3 Acme rolls
several glasses of sauvignon blanc, to taste
1 small black cup of freshly-brewed garuda
recchuitti chocolates, to taste
3 oyster knives
2 tastes of wine (Aussie rosť & viogner, if you're a stickler for detail), 1 wine club pickup, 4 glasses of water
2 neal's yard cheeses; one melty runny camembert
1.83 lbs of slab bacon; breakfast chorizo links, breakfast country sausage links, serrano ham & beef jerky

1 sweet postcard
1 perfect thank you note
A clear blue day + the bay bridge
Soft wind, and a dappled balcony

1 William; 1 meriko; 1 charcoal audi TT

Mix well in time. Add a liberal dose of story-telling and sarcasm. Walk a bit.
Shake in some bliss to taste, and serve. (Thanks, sweet. A great date, truly!)

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April 05, 2005
vanishing act

While I haven't been writing much here on the net, I assure you I'm around and about. I seem to be living in the present a lot right now - which is really quite a good thing. I've been knitting a fair amount (Two baby totoro hats! Birthday scarf for Heidi! Princess scarf for sophie!), cooking with the yummy spring veggies, seeing the lovely babies in my life, and doing some reading.

I escaped to Mendocino with Russell for an exquisitely lazy and langorous 10th anniversary weekend - I remain pretty much the luckiest girl. I'm practicing sketching - I really want to be able to draw my food. (And even asking for advice and help!) I'm considering taking a watercolor sketching workshop - anyone interested in joining me?

Goblin's beginning her spring shed. I'm plotting a bathroom remodel for this summer, and ogling all the herbs going nuts in my garden. (And cursing the snails. I think I need to eat something canned soon so I can make some snail traps. They're eating my Cannus spp. We installed a Mac Mini in Mom Bornschlegel's house, and now I'm bringing her up on The Macintosh Way. Seems like April, all over again. 8)

On my short list:
--Correspondance. I've been terrible about writing you, I know. Forgive me?
--Read all the tasty nonfiction about Paris and Barcelona. Figure out how and when we're getting there in October, and where to stay.
--Get the weed patch in front of the house cleared. Put in that Japanese maple.
--Spend some quality time with my paper journal.
--Write up all the recipes and menus I've been hoarding for gastronome.

And you? What have you been up to? What's on your short list?

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