June 26, 2005
things that help

Laughing and smiling.
Taking care of your dearest ones, when they most need it.
Feeding them, too.
Remembering what's Important.
Duck tacos and scallop ceviche and guac and chips and margaritas.
Tummy rubs.
Researching The November Adventure.
The wind in the trees.
Minced ginger and lemongrass.
The purring of goblincats.
Quilts to hide under.
Being taken care of, yourself.

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June 20, 2005
postcards from the weekend

Friday night friends and pizza and wine and ice cream.
And even some food talk - who would have guessed?.
(Excellent distraction from the compilers and source branches and build tools flying through my head.)
Gyre skimming through the Mission, delivering people home.

A grumpy grumpy girl. A kind boy. Progress in the anti-clutter bar.
Time in the garden.
Waffles with baba ganouj, humboldt fog, and William's sausage.

Two slightly dirty martinis with goat-cheese stuffed olives.
Spicy sausage and sundried tomato thin-crust pizza.
Journalling & letter-writing at the bar.
Josh Redman rocking the Great American Music Hall.

Morning walk with Ani D. to the Mission.
A recalcitrant wheel, and a sleepy AJ.
A long walk up and down and around Stern Grove with my best girl.
Espresso granita & more time in the garden.

Slowly cooking and chatting with Chris.
Yet more time out in the garden.
(It really was gorgeous in SF this weekend.)

Radishes with freshly ground pesto.
Cucumbers with Beca's spicy rice vinager dressing.
Grilled: tofu in peanut sauce, veet with chimichurri.
Grilled: peaches and red onions with cumin, coriander, chipotle & balsamic.
Grilled: flank steak with garlic, lime, sesame oil, chile, and honey
Steamed rice. Peanut sauce and chimichurri.
Apricot tarte tatin; strawberry granita.
(Tad's first father's day: a feast in the revamped garden was a must.)

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