July 31, 2005

On Saturday, I ...
...went to the market.
...watched some chickens.
...tasted peaches, assiduously.
...chose the very best ones.
...shared a cinnamon twist.
...carried a half-flat of strawberries.
...had serious camera envy.
...cooked an impromptu breakfast with Derrick (oysters and figs and potatoes in fresh butter and duck fat and fruit salad and fried artichokes and champagne, oh my).
...ate outside in the sun with friends.
..made liters and liters of cocktails and pimm's no. 1 cup.
...was beribboned by The Queen.
...perched atop a giant mushroom, drinking coffee, with & without small children.
...played croquet (well, played a croquet hoop).
...marvelled repeatedly at the wonder that is the creativity of my friends.
...ate teacakes and cookies and treats galore.
...sipped from tiny mysterious vials.
...played 42.
...watched a pawn and a knight chase each other around the lawn.
...waved at kids in a van in downtown Berkeley.
...realized how much we looked like a clown car, with the checkered roof on the tiny car bursting with a mad hatter, an alice, a thoroughly beribboned girl, and boisterous boy popping out.
...shouted "No Room! No Room!" and then moved down.
...smiled and giggled and howled with laughter until my cheeks hurt.

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July 29, 2005

Yipes. Almost the end of July? Where did the year go?
I've been lax about posting, but I've picked up my paper journal again and been writing there. Time to treat y'all to an update on my uberlist for '05... As in the past, you can always jump to the ur-entry to see the whole list. I won't bore you with the in-progress items - just the completed ones! (Clearly, I'm going to have to get cracking & travelling...)

1. Plant a Japanese Maple in the front yard.
5. Ditch the last of the pink carpet.
6. Buy goblin an area run for the bedroom.
16. Closet reclamation: under-stairs closet.
17. confidential

20. Grandma’s birthday in February.
21. confidential
38. confidential
39. confidential

52. Sneak away to Mendocino.
53. Road trip in Gyre.

64. Teach some friends 42.

82. Learn to knit. Again.
83. Complete a scarf.
86. Learn more about food photography & processing. (I'm not DONE with this? But if I learned no more this year, I'd still count this as a success.)

93. You have a branch library right across the street. Use it.
98. Encounter live music. (Symphony doesn’t count.)
101. Perfect mochas.
103. One more pair of boots.

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July 13, 2005
of note

I am wearing the cutest wee gama go kitty tee today, courtesy of Mo. Thanks so much, doll.

I'm going to 7:30 Yin/Flow tonight at Bernal Yoga tonight. Anyone want to join me?

I just secured a date for RAP's Pink Out - you'll find me at Butterfly on Monday night with the girl who has the sexiest hair and most beguiling smile in the restaurant.

My weekend will be all about acquiring shoji panels and cooking/eating good food. What are you up to?

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A few stolen moments with a glass of rosé and the new book.
Exquisite soup and salad and pizza at Liberty Café.

A drive-by cuddle of AJ and a smile from Tad.
My best girl's voice saying hi.

Hot water. Oh the hot water.
Good friends to talk to, to listen to, to sit near.
Companionship & community.

Waking up in a cozy warm bed, face to the cool breeze moving the curtain softly in the twilight of dawn. A cat leaning up against belly and legs, purring.

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July 05, 2005

Yes, Cartman, this time the answer is definitely HAM.

There is a 16 lb Smithfield ham sitting on the couch behind me.

(My mom and dad send the best gifts while they're travelling....)

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