November 29, 2005

I am wearing your sunglasses
And the scarf you knitted me
And the sweater you almost left behind
And the bead you made for me
On the necklace you designed and fashioned for me
And the bracelet you gave me
And the rings we exchanged (so full of love)

I am carrying the card you filled with words of wisdom
In the journal you made just for me (layers of thought and art and meaning)
My tummy is full of your cake
And my head is full of the words you write for me
And I'm listening to the music you gave me

You are my armor. And my strength. I wear you and carry you with me. You help me be more truly who I am.

(Thank you.)

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November 24, 2005
thankful tunes

Hey, so you've all been posting about what you're thankful for this year and what you're eating today. It's pretty cool to read all your posts while I putter about my mise en place.

I was thinking about what I listen to while I cook Thanksgiving, and I realize I have a pretty predictable pattern. Early in the morning, before the sun comes up, I listen to softly playing Sarah McLaughlin. Around 9 or 10am, when I need a little MORE, I swap out to gothy/poppy music - Siouxsie, Switchblade Symphony, Curve. Later in the day, when I start to feel in the weeds (I invariably feel like I am, whether I really am or not), I break out the industrial tunes - old Puppy, Rx, Meg Lee Chin, Pigface, Ministry. As guests are about to arrive, I downshift to some Tom Waits, and eventually swap out to some quiet old-school jazz. (This actually goes for any major dinner party where I'm cooking all day, really.)

What I'm wondering, though, is what you all listen to in the kitchen all day while you prepare for your meals - humor me and post what's on! (I just swapped out the Sarah for the Siouxsie, for the record.)

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November 10, 2005
postcards from BCN

-What do time-boggled Borogoves do when they need to stay awake and reset their bioclocks? Find a bookshop-cafe, of course! (

-Catalan feels like the matrixed product of French and Spanish, with an extra helping of Xs thrown in for fun. Ive only learned a few words so far: xocolates. xapates. xarcuteria. amb. rom.

-Raj y Jess gave us a book made of magic. !Grathias!

-Day One: I ate tomates and fried eggs. And pan con tomate. (Granted, the fried eggs were drowning in foie gras and banyuls.) And I liked them. Russell thinks Ive been replaced by a bot or an alien.

-I like meandering and perusing the wares in bookstores - even when I cant read the books.

-Blue-haired girls are damned cute. Especially in chocolate shops.

-Mi espanol es mas mejor con los bebidas alcoholicas.

-Jamon y queso.

-Im drawing! A lot! Dona y Tammy will be so proud! (D&T: If youre not, lie.)

-I miss goblin. The parc guell gatos mew hola.

-Barcelona vindicates a lifetime of preferring my sandwisches dry or with olive oil. So there, USA.

-I am the only girl in BCN without boots.

-My mind is swimming in parabolic glee.

-I sucessfully navigated a yarn store today! Entirely en espanol!

-I am going to be a mess in Paris tomorrow, verbally. I tried out my French yesterday, and all my rs are rolling, rolling, rolling, and everpresent.

-Miss you all! Wish you were here! (Beca, is AJ in college yet??)

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November 02, 2005
bon voyage!

bon voyage!
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Farewell, mes amis! We are off to adventure, and I'm think of you, every one.
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