July 30, 2006
postcards from savannah

in the dark edge of twilight
when the lightening kicks up
and the thunder rolls in
and the rain drops languidly
(heavy, warm, thick curtains)

i earn my title
(crazy aunt meriko)
by going outside
with my mug of rosť
to revel in the rain
willingly drenched
admiring the sudden storm

warm rain in the gloaming
is my very favorite thing
about the south
it says: you are welcome here
crazy aunt meriko

Posted by shock at 11:15 AM
July 29, 2006

7am. Atlanta, GA airport. Concourse B.
I'm admittedly a little delirious - caught a wee nap on the plane on top of a general dearth of sleep this week.

The airport is suddenly crawling with Eagle Scouts and their Scout Masters. In full uniform. Shorts, tall socks, kerchiefs and badges. The Works.

Meep. I wish I could figure out how to whip out the camera surruptitiously - but the 20D is anything but subtle.

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July 11, 2006

i climb into the car
and set off down the road
and breathe deep
smelling the mint
infusing my space

i drive out of the fog
(just past 92)
and the sun hints the mint
on the dashboard
and the scent picks up again
a friendly assault
like your impetuous hugs

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July 02, 2006
Snap out of it.

--Take out the girlmusic. Put in the industrial. Crank the stereo.
--Groove for 20 miles in a 3-MINI slalom down 280 (grey with white bonnet stripes from VA, black convertable from CA, and Gyre.)
--Stomp, swirl & dance at Cafe du Nord. Stripey stockings, beribboned hair, black eyeliner, and all.
--My future title: CTO of Whimsy.
--Eat a whole book in one sitting. (The cat was happy, too.)
--Concentrate really really really hard at sundown on July 3, sending the best of all the bestest wishes to the stars and the desert.
--Play take two.
--Grill lots of tasty food for lots of nice people.
--Buy tickets to see your best girl.
--Preserve lemons.
--Eat another book. Or two. Or three.
--Play with your camera.
--Run to Berkeley; enjoy a leisurely lunch at the bar.
--Spend too much on something that makes you very happy.
--Fondle paper.
--Make bat pie.
--"Accidentally" make 2 quarts of lemon curd, too.

Snap out of it. Your life is charmed. You're made of magic. All of you. Me included. Let's enjoy it, ok?

Posted by shock at 09:10 AM