February 18, 2007
powers of two

him: Don't get arrested. Don't let the fascists get you.
me: Are you worried i'm going to get arrested?
him: Well....
me: ....but i'll be with James! He's been in DC for years now without getting arrested!
him: Yes, but together, you two are ...exponentially dangerous.

He's using that ha-ha-only-serious voice...

(i'll be there soon, my sweets.)

Posted by shock at 04:11 PM
June 02, 2004
mom status report: good news

Russell reporting for meriko:

The biopsy procedure went smoothly. They got the entire tumor out. It appears to be a dermoid cyst - non-cancerous, non-scary - but we will have to wait a couple of weeks for a lab report to verify that.

Frieda is up and about, in a fair amount of pain, but will soon have a new best friend in Tylenol+codeine. As soon as they're able, meriko & Jim will whisk her back to a comfy hotel room for recuperation. Barring complications the plan is for everyone to go home tomorrow.

Posted by russell at 06:25 PM