Why an online kitchen?

Much of what you see here stemmed out of a project from a few years ago.... My brother David had been calling me and asking me for cooking hints, recipes, and always chose a new recipe to learn when he was visiting. I set out to make a cookbook for him that included basic recipes like stock and mashed potatoes as well as some of my favorites. (With only the tiniest intention of helping him impress chicks, mind you.) In the end, i made one for him and one for my house, and after that a few more for other various friends. When a recipe becomes "tried and true" in our house, it gets entered into our house copy. Every once in a while i get ambitious and enter all the new recipes into the template form and send printouts to the other "copies" of my cookbook. I'm really very fond of my cookbook being a real, bound book, but the number of people who ask for recipes grows faster than i make them - so here you are.

As i put up recipes, i started including other foodie links, menus of meals i've made, and bibliographical information. Hence, the change from cookbook to kitchen.

Friends are always asking me for restaurant advice; one of these days i'll get around to putting up some reviews in that section.

And many, many thanks to jane, who graciously allowed me to snarf and adapt much of her site-design and helped out with technical issues.

Here's to a good meal at home with a splendid glass of wine. Enjoy your visit!


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last updated 1 January 2002.