nyf 2002 - the component worksheet

I make this worksheet up after choosing a menu and writing up an ingredients/shopping list, but before composing the timeline.

key lime cocktails:
chilled vodkas
candied lime garnish (tues morning)
rosemary nuts (monday?)

caviar and champagne
blini (batter 2 hours before, cook just before service)
cavair on ice (iced bowls in freezer in afternoon, serve a la minute)
tasting of veggie spreads (plate late in afternoon, chill)

a tasting of soups
mushroom bisque
--veg stock (Monday)
--puree and strain, reheat

watercress soup
--veg stock (monday)
--parmesan crouton (tuesday morning)

crab/tuna, artichoke/avocado, and potato salad
clean crab (monday)
make dressing (monday)
make basil vinaigrette (monday)
cook, dice & dress potatoes (late morning)
dice, cook & dress artichokes (late morning)
dice avocado (a la minute)
sauté chanterelles (a la minute)
steak tartare/smoky bell pepper tartare
make pain de mie (monday)
toast pain de mie (just before service)
grind meat (4pm tuesday)
combine tartare (just before service)
smoke bell peppers (Monday)
dice bell peppers (monday)
dress bell peppers (just before service)

leek and goat cheese tarts with salad
make puff pastry (monday)
make shells (monday night?)
make filling (tuesday afternoonish)
bake tarts (1 hour before service)
make dressing (monday)
dress salad (a la minute)

blood orange and lemon tart
make tart dough (Monday)
bake tart shell (Tuesday morning)
make blood orange curd (tuesday morning)
make lemon curd (tuesday afternoon)
make candied citrus slices (monday)