What's new around here?

Given how often i demand release notes from others, it seemed time to start some of my own.

3 January 2002
Working on the large update, a bit at a time. Posted the menu and pictures for Heather's birthday dinner in October.

1 January 2002
Gracious. It's been a long time. I just posted the menu and a few pictures from NYF 2001. Recipes to come - and i know i owe you a more comprehensive update.

25 February 2001
Put up Andi's birthday menu. I have a few other menus and some recipes to add, but no time for it just yet.

14 January 2001
Posted the pictures of NYF '00 that Tad took.

3 January 2001
(Wow, that looks weird.)
Added menus for Christmas and NYF this year.

16 December 2000 - cleaned up a bunch of table tags so that people using Netscape can see the site.

25 November 2000 - added new recipes and linked them to menus.
Chez Panisse Egg Pasta
Spring Pasta with Chicken, Peas, Basil, and Pancetta
Wild Mushroom and Green Pasta Gratin
Greg's Vegetable Lasagne
Pasta with Saffron-Sausage Sauce
Ridiculous Mushrooms
Caramel Corn
Swedish Tea Ring

19 November 2000 - added a drinks section to recipes.

18 November 2000 - redid the underlying guts of the site... let me know if anything looks broken. Menus also got a new navigation style.

5 November 2000 - added new menus.