Russell has to peel the potatoes for this recipe. Serves 3-4.


4-5 potatoes (depending on size)
2 ears of sweet corn
1-2 red bell peppers
thyme - 3 tbsp. if fresh, 1 tbsp. if dried.
2 tbsp. butter
shredded cheese (any kind really, as long as it melts well.)
other additions: mushrooms, blue lake beans, zucchini


*Put a pot of water on to boil.
*Peel and cube the potatoes into half-inch cubes. (You don’t have to peel them if you don’t mind potato skins.)
*Boil the potatoes for 2-3 minutes (don’t let them get mushy!). Drain them and rinse with cold water so they stop cooking.
*Melt butter in a skillet over high or medium-high. Add the potatoes, thyme, salt, and pepper. Sautee the potatoes over high heat until they are starting to brown on 2-3 of the sides.
*Add the corn and the peppers. Cook for another few minutes, until everything is as browned as you want.
*Remove from heat, sprinkle cheese over the top, and cover for a minute or two to let the cheese melt.

Serve with coffee!